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The Blueprint for Change: The Plan to Put Kentucky Back in Business

When we developed the Blueprint for Change, we had two goals in mind. One, we wanted a plan so that you, the voter, could hold us accountable to get the job done and put Kentucky back in business. Two, we wanted to draw from the best ideas to move Kentucky forward.
We looked at the best practices from all across the country, and searched for ideas that would work. We asked experts from Kentucky and other states on strategies to strengthen public schools, create jobs, grow the economy, and improve health care. We talked to teachers, doctors, parents, and everyday Kentuckians about common sense solutions. And, we brought together talented and experienced individuals from Kentucky and around the country to help us research and process the information.   

We discovered that at least 16 states have a Children's Cabinet, and asked why we can’t do that here in Kentucky. We found that Oklahoma, California, and Tennessee were among the states that have strong and effective universal pre-Kindergarten programs, and said we need that here. We talked to advocates and experts such as Kentucky Youth Advocates and the Prichard Committee for Excellence and asked them what Kentucky should be doing better.

The Blueprint for Change is not just a collection of policies; it is an action plan for Kentucky. It is not simply a menu of ideas; it's organized around issues that affect Kentuckians, issues that are cyclical and interconnected. Rising health care costs affect the economy, education funding, and retirement plans. If we can lower health care costs, we'll make Kentucky more attractive for companies to bring good jobs. More companies mean more jobs, more jobs mean growing the tax base. Growing the tax base means more tax revenue for education, health care, and retirement plans.

Universal health care was our first priority, and we looked at what Massachusetts, California, Tennessee, and Wisconsin were doing, or proposing, as well as John Edwards' plan and the Service Employees International Union's plan. We adapted what we thought would work in Kentucky.
To address college affordability, we studied several states, and focused on what Illinois and Minnesota had done.

We drew from ideas that former congressman Jim Davis, candidate for Governor of Florida, had proposed in 2006, including his Valuing Teachers Tax Credit and his Small Business Works program. Both ideas bring together the private sector and the public sector to achieve common goals.

We came up with new ideas based on our love and knowledge of Kentucky, such as incentives to expand the Kentucky arts and crafts industry, an often overlooked but important part of our economy.

To strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs, we looked at recommendations from the National Security Agency, NASA, and the National Education Association.

We expanded on existing programs in Kentucky to maximize their success and reach, such as broadband access to rural Kentucky and the One-Stop Shop Web Portal for small businesses.

We reviewed federal recommendations in several areas and believe the Environmental Protection Agency's recommendations on clean energy strategies are strong start for the Commonwealth.

We utilized the National Governors Association and their Center for Best Practices, where governors and policy experts come together to share ideas and solutions.

In sum, we were looking for the best ideas for Kentucky. Most of these are not new ideas, but they are good ideas for Kentucky.

Our process for developing the Blueprint for Change was a collaborative one. It is a plan for Kentucky, and it continues to grow as we share it with voters all across the state, and they give their input.

Our hope is to continue to build support for the Blueprint for Change, and start the hard work of implementing these ideas if we are elected to office.

We are running because people are hungry for change. They are tired of do-nothing politics.

We are the kind of leaders who focus on getting the job done, instead of do-nothing politics. We will bring real change, we have laid out a plan to do so, and we want you to hold us accountable. The Blueprint for Change is a way for you to hold us accountable to get the job done.



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I received your Blue Print for Change in the mail today and read most of it.  And " One Kentucky " no region left behind is exactly what this state needs.  There is no reason one city should be better
                                                Linda Lanham
                                                Russ Chandler
The Blueprint for Change proposals: lock-in state school tuition rates,four-year learning opportunities in rural areas,the children's kithchen cabinet and investing in pre-K students are all exciting,
                                                Tim Marcum
I am not a political person but I am ready for change in kentucky. I have seen one thing that makes up my mind on voting for you and that is that you spend your campaign telling people what you plan to do and not on negative ads. If you want to cut back on gas used lets look at California schools, they don't use school buses, their students walk to or ride the city bus to the school close to them. there is no such thing as district lines for schools. I know that some of your plans mean raising taxes but I am willing to pay more in taxes if it means making my life better to live, but lets make sure that first their is things in place to make sure these plans are not abused and that those who do abuse it can't get away with it. I will vote for lunsford/stumbo.
                                                Daniel Frosty
As a young independent voter, I'm personally excited for your your (Mr. Lunsford) and Mr. Stumbo's blueprint for change. You are on the right track, but I'm somewhat concerned that you might be broadly focusing on general issues of social reform, which is of extreme importance, but not in good proportion to the specific problems wrong with the more specific, individual problems with those social issues. I would like to see the leadership in our state play a more active role in individual problems of various social issues rather than pushing legislation that covers more broad, fix-all type reform. I can point to the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System as a good concept, but because of competition between schools, there is far too much teaching-to-the-test rather than actual learning and student expression. Another problem that not just Kentucky, but all Americans need active and creative leadership concerning is fuel prices. This has become a nationwide problem and none of our the leadership of our country seem to really care at all. Sure, they sue and indict various oil companies but to no real avail. Do you or Mr. Stumbo have any ideas for helping Kentuckians in this nationwide problem? Good luck in your campaign sir, we're hoping for real results.
The cover of your Blueprint has the caption "Build One Kentucky" and says something to the tune of bridging economic and infrastucture gaps between regions.  I am a firm believer that faster, safer highways and interstates are crucial for helping to lift economic
hardships in some of our eastern and western regions of the state. What if any are your intentions in this area if elected?
                                                Paul Baker
Hi,I am from Prestonsburg. I have 2 children. My husband works and I am a stay at home mom. I wan't to know if you get in are you guys going to make preschool and head start for all children reguardless of income. Right now above income familys have a hard yime getting in they do not look at the bills that above income pays out and they also go by gross income. I do not feel that this is fair I think that preschool and headstart should be for all kids. The children that do not get to go is behind the other children when they do enter kindergarden. Above income famileys have to pay for health insurance also and they do not look at this also. Our oldest son got into headstart after school had started and it has been a great help for him he is doing real well. I would like to see all children to get to go no mater income. I saw the tv adversinment stating that you would make it available to all children. I just want you to keep your word. Thank you
                                        Jennifer Ousley
I attended the meeting in Paducah last night & was very impressed with the ideas you have for Kentucky.  I am especially looking forward to see what will be done for teachers & disabled workers from the atomic energy plant.   My daughter is in the process of obtaining her Masters Degree & it is very hard financially to do on a teacher's salary.  The teachers need help & they DESERVE it. Also my father worked for 42 years at the Atomic Energy Plant & is now on kidney dialysis 3 times per week & very sick.  He worked in the worst buildings there & was a loyal & faithful employee.  Yet, a construction worker who worked there for 1 month or more 50 years ago
dies of cancer and the family receives 150K or more.  This does not seem fair. 

PLEASE HELP US!!!!  I will campaign for you every chance I get.

Thank you for caring about Western Kentucky!!!!

                                        Melia Wood

I have been watching Mr. Lunsford on TV and I pray that you mean what you say. I am so tired of politicians lying and cheating and being dishonest. How are we suppose to teach our children how to respect the government when it is so corrupt. I like the fact that Mr. Lunsford is not a politician. Please give us something to believe in for our government and don't say what you do not mean. Thank you
                                                Carol Price
I am concerned that nowhere in your plans for  Kentucky is Mountain Top removal mentioned. Your blueprint mentions complying with the EPA's clean energy strategies, but that does not clear up the
crippling environmental damage that coal extraction causes the Eastern Ky region. Mountain Top removal is not a sustainable, economic practice in Kentucky, and we need a leader who is willing to take the initiative on this issue.
                                            Lauren Razor
Lauren: We need to bring together all relevant parties, including the coal industry, local leaders, and the environmental community, to review mountaintop removal practices, and see what changes need to be made. Once all the parties come together, only then can we reach consensus. We need to ensure that we are complying with current laws. Mining is an important part of our economy, and we need to strike a balance between the economic developments of coal mining and protecting the environment. Thanks for your question, Bruce.
I would like to see more recycling in Kentucky.  I am originally from Michigan, where there is a $.10 deposit on most pop/soda cans and bottles.  You don't see trash (bottles and cans) along side the road and there are lots of jobs in recycling.  Additionally, I'd like to see curbside recycling or more recycling options.  We are not just residents of Kentucky but we are inhabitants of the planet earth and members of a global society.  I have read your blueprint for change and I would like to see more with regard to protecting and preserving our environment - not just on a state level like "keeping Kentucky beautiful" but on a "we're all going to die without sustainable resources" level.  Thanks for your time, and have a great day.
                                        Jenna K. Dietsch
Environmental responsibility is one of my highest priorities in the upcoming election. We cannot let the greed of a few devastate our land any longer. Mountain top removal must end. If we do not value and protect our landscape, we will soon be out of luck. I did not see this issue addressed in the Blueprint for Change.
Additionally, I sincerely hope you are able to follow through with some of the environmentally sound proposals put forth in the Blueprint for Change. Some changes such as the light bulbs are so simple, yet can have such an impact. I absolutely support your plan to purchase only hybrids for state vehicles. Best of luck, I am looking forward to seeing these positive changes implemented.
                                                Kara Cecil
It’s about time! A politician is publishing what he intends to do…it’s unheard of! You have my vote. But I would strongly suggest that you add Insurance Coverage’s to your Business Blueprint for Change. I am a small business owner operating in the field of Handyman… I have tried to get General Liability Insurance at no avail. Evidently insurance companies rate small business by net worth… if your net worth does not meet their level for the amount of insurance requested they will not insure the business. I have tried to get insurance from many different insurance companies and agents with each informing me that my business does not have the assets to back up the coverage amount (State Minimum Required). So how does a small business get the insurance required by state law? No wonder so many small businesses are operating without insurance when the bureaucracy of the insurance companies prohibit the business from getting insurance. What happened to we support small business… I don’t see it! I want affordable General Liability Insurance and can not get it… PLEASE HELP!
                                                Ken Crow
Universal healthcare in "theory" sounds like a good idea and a tremendous "vote-getter" for your campaign, which is probably your main motivation. However, in reality any time the government (state or federal) gets involved in anything the good idea becomes "big government", out of control, inefficient and abused by the general populus that the program is designed to benefit. I am adamently opposed to any type of universal healthcare and feel this is an extremely bad idea for Kentucky.
                                            Thomas Oster
This is a great place to advertise the Blueprint for Change. 

Keep up the great work!!!

Gentlemen after watching the American Idol gives back Show tonight I felt like hanging my head in shame. Education in KY has always been a challange but to have a school system high lighted that had only $500 for books for 150 students, many years ago we were told that the Lottery was going to be 100% for education so we would become comptetative with other states. Now here we are in the year 2007 and we have kids who are stuck in the 60s, trapped in a cycle of poverty.
Why has this been allowed to go on for so long. We dump tons of money into private business's many of them large very rich corporations, giving them tax breaks. Some time even free land or arrange for the property to be paid for out of the pockets of the empoyees that work there , and when it is time for the companies to step up to the plate they move south of the border.When will we worry less about golf courses,state resort parks. and worry about our people of all ages,with the old and the young being the foremost.Ernie Fletcher has said he has made