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Painting the town Blue on St. Patrick's

It wasn’t supposed to be this cold. Mary Karen Stumbo kept telling her daughter Kassidy, sitting in the yellow Corvette next to her Dad, that the parade was getting ready to start.

And when it did, a sea of blue-shirted Lunsford-Stumbo supporters, and the yellow ‘Vette, provided a sharp contrast to the greenish tint in the crowd of folks lining Lexington’s Main Street for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Once the parade got started, the chilly breeze became a little more bearable, and Greg waved to enthusiastic crowds along the parade route.

At the reviewing stand, former Lexington mayor Teresa Isaac, a strong supporter of the Lunsford-Stumbo ticket, came over to say hello as the parade entry was announced to the crowd.

With his daughter Kassidy on one side, and her friend  Madison on the other, Greg talked to  hundreds  of well-wishers along the way, with many walking up and saying “Atta Boy.” Walking alongside, more than a dozen supporters passed out bumper stickers, t-shirts and stickers.

The campaign also offered to take pictures of groups in the crowd, which would soon be available for viewing online. This innovative Picture Marketing program is being used at many campaign events, offering free online pictures and encouraging folks to visit the campaign Web site. 

When the parade ended at the doorstep of Rupp Arena, tipoff for the Louisville and Texas A & M basketball game was an hour away. 
Unfortunately, it would also be the end of the season for the Cardinals, who lost a close game to Texas A & M. In their online picks for the tournament, both Bruce and Greg missed that one, though Bruce picked two first-round upsets and opened up a lead over his running mate in their Brackets Battle.
At campaign headquarters, there was some excitement brewing in the office pool, where Ed, one of our staffers working the parade, was among only 63 people (out of more than a million) in the country with a perfect bracket through the end of the first round. His streak ended, though, when VCU lost to Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon.

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